13 marzo 2007

If only I had known

If only I had known that it would have been our last evening,
I would surely have done something to stop it.

That night you didn't say "I love you", not even once,
And I, stupid as I am, did not guess anything.

You hugged me but your hug was colder and weaker than usual.
And I, idiot that I am, did not understand anything.

You kissed me, but only if I asked you and never with the passion of the other times.
And I, fool that I am, did not imagine anything.

If only I had known that that would have been our last appointment, I would not have let you go away. Nothing would have been important; not houses, neither relations nor friends to whom you had to go back. I would have held you back even forcefully, had it been necessary.

If only I had known that that would have been our last embrace, I would have locked my hands and stopped you from going away from me. I would have held you tight to my body for as long as possible, till we would have been overcome by fatigue.

If only I had known that that would have been our last kiss, with that alone I would have held you back. Forever.

If only I had understood that you wanted to leave me, I could have spoken to you while there was time. Made you understand how much I loved you, asked you if what I had done was not enough and explained how much I needed you.

But I did not understand. Till it was too late.

Now I have left only the memory of a failed evening, a hug too brief and a kiss that I will never be able to end.

(Tradotta da Aness Sharon, Diploma in Italian, Ramjas College, Delhi University)

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Tommy ha detto...

Chi frequenta spesso questo blog si sarà accorto della collaborazione nata, proprio attraverso questo sito, tra me e Tanya Roy, docente presso l'Università di Delhi, Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, Faculty of Arts, in India.
Tanya utilizza i miei racconti e poesie per realizzare degli esercizi, per i suoi studenti che imparano l'Italiano, che così possono confrontarsi con una lingua più dinamica rispetto a quella proposta dai soli libri.
Il rapporto tra di noi prosegue fruttuoso, tant'è che posso proporvi la traduzione di una mia poesia realizzata proprio da uno studente indiano.

armonia941 ha detto...

Grazie, Tommy. Cosi' nasce un rapporto bello, stimolante e fruttuoso anche fra il tuo lavoro e quello dei miei studenti!